The concept of the River Side residential complex is to provide the most peaceful and comfortable life surrounded by the luxurious nature of Montenegro.

Complex area

is 6300 sq.m., which allows you to place infrastructure on the territory for a comfortable and varied living and recreation. The relief of the site and adjacent territories is flat, with a slight and almost imperceptible slope.

m. to the sea along the river

A small river on the border of the site is another unique advantage of the complex, as it allows you to get to the sea by water taxi to go to the best beaches and bays of the coast or to Tivat airport.

stand-alone housings

Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the buildings, a cozy courtyard is formed, which is surrounded by bright greenery. The entire territory of the complex is fenced and is under video surveillance and round the clock security.

Comfort and atmosphere

The territory is being actively landscaped and this, in combination with the river flowing along its border, allows you to “blur” the boundaries of the site and harmoniously fit it into the natural landscape. The relief of the site and adjacent territories is flat, with a slight and almost imperceptible slope for Montenegro. It is pleasant to walk on and comfortable to ride. This important advantage will appeal to those who like to walk a lot and take long walks along the promenade along the sea. One of the most attractive places in the River Side residential complex is a swimming pool with a relaxation area and its surroundings. Around the pool you will find pergolas that are so nice to sit on comfortable sunbeds - choose for yourself whether you want to sunbathe or relax in the shade. Nearby is a barbecue area, which provides everything you need for those who like to have a snack "with smoke". Over time, the complex will be equipped with its own embankment with places for mooring a water taxi, on which it will be possible to go to the sea. The young inhabitants of the River Side will also find entertainment to their taste - for them there is a playground and a play area, a special area for swimming in the pool.

abundant landscaping
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